Piraten Cupcake Stand-3 Ebenen

Piraten Cupcake Stand-3 Ebenen

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Our 3-Tier Pirate Cupcake Stand comes flat packed.  

It is very easy to assemble and if treated well, can be reused for other Pirates in the household!

Will hold approximately 20 cupcakes comfortably and more if they are mini.

*Have a look at our Pirate Cupcake Cups with toppers to complete that PIRATE LOOK!



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Piraten Cupcake Dekorations Set Piraten Cupcake Dekorations Set
CHF 6.00 *
Piraten Servietten Piraten Servietten
CHF 4.50 *
Partybesteck (schwarz) Partybesteck (schwarz)
CHF 6.00 *
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