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Ice Cream Cone Cakes-for the WOW factor!

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These are tly easy to prepare! (Sooo einfach!)


1. Ready made cake mix (or your favourite homemade version)

2. Pack of Ice Cream Cones: The flat bottom one's are good for display purposes. The waffle cones are yummy and look great, but not so easy to put on display.

3. Cupcake Pan wth cases: most batters make approximately 12 cupcakes

4. Optional: Food colouring, sprinkles and frosting


1. pre-heat oven to temperature appropriate for your cake batter.  (Typically 160-190c)

2. Place cupcake cases in pan

3. Mix cupcake/cake batter per instructions- if you want to jazz up the batter, add some fun food colouring to match your party theme! (We used our Mckormicks NEON colouring)

4. Evenly distribute cupcake batter across all cupcake cases

5. Place your ice cream cones on top of each cupcake case with batter inside

6. Place in oven and bake as per cake or cupcake recipe.  (typically 20-25 minutes)

7. Remove from oven after having checked that the batter is cooked. (poke with a toothpick or cake stick)

8.  Cool for at least 15-20 minutes.  After cupcake are properly cooled, life out each one and gently peel off the cupcake case.

9. Frost and decorate to your liking!

10.  Enjoy!

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Create HEART shaped cupcake cases- SIMPLY

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Hello fellow party lovers, today we have a very simple baking idea for you. As it is nearing Valentine's Day, we thought many of you would like to have HEART shaped cupcakes.
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