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Mickey Mouse/Micky Maus Toilet Paper Bowling!

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When we first saw this, we said "This will feature at our soon to be 3 year olds" birthday party! Stock up on some toilet paper, Buy some Black or Red "stock" paper and cut out the letters to spell "M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E" or for our German fans "M-I-C-K-Y M-A-U-S," buy a cute little Mickey Mouse ball and let the kids do the rest! Grab some of our Mickey Mouse Masks or Ear Headbands as gifts for the best "bowl!" Happy cheers from children will be all you hear!!!!
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Mickey Mouse/ Micky Maus Party Idea

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We know it takes more than great party decorations to make a "fabulous" party! (we have a few kids ourselves:) Here are a couple great party games for kids that are super easy to prepare! Our first one is a simple "Guess how many gumballs?" This is fun and simple. Depending upon the age of the kids, you can decide how much help they get. You can pass out the gumballs to all the kids and give the winner a nice little prize!

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